I did the art school thing… I took the classes, I spent the thousands on a formal education… So YOU don’t have to.


I took the long way to drawing portraits I was proud of…

And now, I’ve taken everything I’ve learned, thrown out anything that doesn’t work, and put the rest into a single, comprehensive program.


The result is the Lifelike Portraits in 21 Days Course.


An intensive training program designed to get you huge results in no time!

“I love your teaching style! Best I have seen on portraits. I’ve done some portraits before, but your system is quicker than what I’ve used in the past. Well worth the investment!!!”

-Kat Sholly


Peek Inside the Course

Module 1


Structure Of The Head



You’ll master the formula I demonstrated earlier so you can set your portraits up correctly every time.


You’ll learn how to approach a portrait from both simple and complex angles with confidence.

Module 2


Facial Features



In this module, we’ll take an in-depth look at each of the major facial features.


We’ll study their structure and use fun exercises to practice them quickly, so you can get those details right in your portraits.

Module 3


Capturing A Likeness



Making sure that your image actually looks like your subject is one of the most important things when it comes to portrait drawing.


In this module I teach you exactly how to do that so you can make sure your portrait ALWAYS looks like its subject.

Module 4


Depth, Value, & Shading



This module is where we get into the fun stuff — bringing your portrait to life!


After you have an accurate sketch, you need to be able to build the form through value so your drawing really captures the spirit of your subject! We cover all of that in this module.

Module 5


Defining Details



This module teaches you how to push your drawing even further, capturing those little details that make someone really feel like themselves.


Things like freckles, wrinkles, beards, and glasses. We cover all that in this module so you’re prepared for ANY face.

Drawing Children


Drawing Children



You’ll learn what differentiates children from adults, and how to master drawing young children.


Learn how to set up every drawing for success, and avoid common pitfalls that lead to children looking aged up or alien. Tackle each drawing with confidence!



Get The Course Companion Workbook

In addition to the incredible video content, you’ll also get a physical copy of my 82 page Course Companion Workbook!


Inside, you’ll find…

  • Fun assignments for every video lesson
  • Reference photos to work from
  • Example sketches to help you along
  • Spaces to practice
  • Maximizes your results!

And to make sure you’re supported every step of the way

You’ll Also Get


And just in case you need more support… I’ve got you covered!

For the first 6 Tuesdays, I’m Going Live!

Don’t let tears of frustration, or years of procrastination, get in the way of your dream. Creating Lifelike Portraits has never been easier with this course!


To make any questions you have throughout the course are answered, I’ll be hosting weekly, live zoom sessions where you can ask and get answers for any drawing questions that come up.


Don’t try to do it alone!

Get access to an amazing community of students just like you!

Your success is my priority. And I know how important it is to have a community to rely on for support, inspiration, and encouragement!


To make sure you’re supported every step of the way, I’m inviting you to join the special community of Procreate Portraits in 21 Days Students on Facebook. Your membership will never expire!


If you’re worried that you won’t have time to complete the course in 21 days… don’t! You can go through it at whatever pace works for you.


You can even go back through the course multiple times if you want. It’s designed to be flexible and build your skills easily and gradually at the pace that is right for you. You have 24/7/365 lifetime access!


Take advantage of this special pricing during the enrollment period!

“I am Loving this course!!! I’ve always wanted to draw people, but I never thought I had the ‘talent.’ With this course, I realized I CAN do it. My latest sketch is the best drawing I’ve ever done! I’m thrilled!”

-Nicki B


To make sure you have everything you need…

Get the EXACT SAME art supplies that I use… Shipped out to you FREE with the course!


Here’s what other Lifelike Portraits in 21 Days students have to say about the course:


If You Could…

Stop running around…

…hopping from one art resource to another and finally have everything you need to draw Lifelike Portraits in one place?

Safely avoid wasting a buttload of time & money…

…because you’ve finally found the right solution that puts the old way of learning to shame?

Actually gain the confidence to show off your work…

…instead of feeling embarrassed or ashamed that something isn’t quite right…?

Develop life-long skills...

…that no one can ever take away from you that actually get you the results that you want?

That is the opportunity in front of you today.

To finally achieve game-changing results with your portrait drawing. To finally be confident in your ability to, with just a little time and practice, capture ANY face accurately — WITHOUT spending hours of frustration, erasing and erasing to get it right.

No more grids, no more tracing, no more crumpled up sheets of paper. You’ll be so proud of what you’ll be able to create!

Here’s What You’re Going to Get

The Lifelike Portraits in 21 Days Core Course ($997 Value)

The full length video course, complete with 5 in-depth modules that walk you through every step of creating a beautiful, lifelike, and accurate portrait.

The Physical Companion Workbook ($127 Value)

82 pages of exercises and examples designed to complement each and every video lesson in the main course. Use this workbook to supercharge your progress!

Lifetime Access To The Exclusive Facebook Community ($997 Value)

Lifetime membership in my exclusive Facebook community of other artists. Post work, get help and encouragement, and as you learn, encourage others yourself!

Bonus 1: Drawing Children Mini-Course ($127 Value)

Tackle difficult younger subjects with ease once you master the differences between children and adults. Get this complete mini-course (a $127 value) FREE with your purchase!

Bonus 2: Lifelike Portraits Ultimate Box ($97 Value)

Get the exact same pencil kit, drawing pad, model skull, drawing compass, Loomis tennis ball that I use to film the course. This way you’ll be sure you have everything you need to get started immediately!

Bonus 3: 6 Weeks of Ask-Me-Anything Tuesdays ($600 Value)

To make sure you’re covered on any questions about the course , I’ll be hosting weekly live zoom sessions where you can ask and get answers for any drawing questions that come up.


Don’t wait! For a limited time, get the course and all the bonuses for a special price while enrollment is open. The next time I offer this course the price will increase!


“You are a wonderful teacher! I have had many, and all have something to share, but you see the mistakes and are there to explain how to make it better — not just ‘It looks ok, keep trying.’


Your classes reflect how you really are: honest, humble, and eager to help your students succeed. THANK YOU SO MUCH, REBECCA!!!”

– Rosina Reyes

Still have questions? Read our FAQ:

"How is this course delivered?"

“How is the course delivered?”

All the training materials are online in video format,  plus you get the physical course workbook mailed out to you (I’ll give you a digital print-at-home copy too).

This way you can watch it on any device and have permanent access to it forever.

"I'm too busy to dedicate time to this right now..."

“This sounds great, but I’m busy, I don’t really have time to dedicate to this right now…”

The good news is that you can start and stop the program whenever you want. 21 days is just the average amount of time it takes someone to complete the program.

Some people complete it in as little as a week… some take longer… it’s designed to get you results… fast!

"What if I've never drawn portraits before?"

“I have always drawn still lifes in the past… I’m a little nervous about starting portraits. Will this course help me even though I’ve never drawn people before?”

This course will absolutely help you, yes.

You don’t need any experience to start this course, it’s designed to help you know exactly where to start.

In fact, it might be a good thing you are starting from scratch — no preconceived notions or bad habits to break!

This course, I believe, will help anyone, at any level, to improve very quickly.

"Can you use this information with other mediums?"

“Can you use this information in other mediums? I have always wanted to learn to paint people but I struggle with drawing them…Do I need to learn this stuff before trying to paint?”

If you want to learn to paint portraits, I would absolutely recommend that you take this course first.

Painting is so much fun, but it’s also so much more complicated than drawing, so having a good foundation in your drawing skills is super important.

It’s going to make your transition to painting SO MUCH EASIER if you have a solid foundation in drawing, first.

And yes, a lot of what you’ll learn in this course is stuff that does translate into painting.

It’s basically just like focusing on learning the stuff in black and white first, so that when you move on to color, you can focus just on the color part, rather than trying to learn the basics of form and getting the likeness right.

"Do I have to do this in 21 consecutive days?"

“Do I have to do this in 21 consecutive days?”

No! You can take this course at your own pace.

You can go through it in 21 days if you have time to do that, if not, you can go slower through it, take it at whatever pace works for you.

You can even go back through the course multiple times if you want. It’s very flexible, meant to build your skills easily and gradually at any pace.

Need help or still have questions?

We’re happy to answer any questions you have and help you make the best choice for your goals.

[email protected]