I did the art school thing; I took the classes, I did the workshops… So YOU don’t have to.


I took the long way to creating portraits I was proud of…

And now, I’ve taken everything I’ve learned, thrown out anything that doesn’t work, and put the rest into a single, comprehensive program.


The result is the Oil Paintings Intensive Mentorship.


An intensive training program designed to get you huge results in no time!

“I love your teaching style! Best I have seen on portraits. I’ve done some portraits before, but your system is quicker than what I’ve used in the past. Well worth the investment!!!”

-Kat Sholly

Peek Inside the Course

The most in-depth and hands-on course I’ve ever offered!


12 Weeks of LIVE Instruction

This course will be taught LIVE over the course of 12 weeks. I’ll be walking you through every lesson in the course as we work our way towards a beautiful, final portrait!


We’ll meet twice each week on Zoom to discuss the lessons and critique your work. Between meetings, you’ll have assignments and demo videos to help you complete them.


This live format means I’ll be there to hold your hand through any problems or questions you have along the way!


Plus, all the meetings will be recorded and added to your course area. If you miss a session, no problem! Catch the replay and jump back in, or go back and rewatch any video at any time. You’ll have lifetime access!


Master the Process

Each lesson in the course is designed to help you build the important skills for painting lifelike portraits in oils.


You’ll learn how to set your painting up for success with important prep work and an easy method for underpainting.


You’ll learn how to see and mix colors accurately to create rich, beautiful skin tones and lifelike paintings.


You’ll learn how to master the facial features, so you’re equipped to paint sparkling details in your portraits.


You’ll learn how to paint any texture using a variety of simple-to-learn techniques.


And you’ll learn how to combine all these skills into a consistent method of painting gorgeous portraits, and continuing to improve each time you sit down at your easel.


20+ Hours of Pre-recorded lessons, 24 Live Zoom Lessons, & 100+ Individual Critiques!

This is the ultimate oil painting experience! Here’s what you’ll get…


  • 12 weeks of 2x/week live Zoom lessons (24 live lessons!)
  • 5 Modules with over 20 pre-recorded lessons to help you with each assignment
  • Opportunities for review and critique during our live lessons (100 critiques over the course of the 12 weeks!)
  • A PDF handbook walking you through what we’re learning and how to complete each assignment
  • Reference images so you can follow along with exactly what I’m doing
  • Recordings of every live session so you can review or watch on your OWN schedule
  • A comprehensive process that you can build on to continue to learn and grow!


*Materials not included



Learning to Paint Lifelike Portraits has Never Been Easier (Or More Fun!)

Come along with me and discover the joy of oil painting portraits.


Overcome frustrations and learn a process that will not only help you see big improvements FAST, but will help you continue to grow and improve each time you sit down to your easel!

And to make sure you’re supported every step of the way

You’ll Also Get

Lifetime Access

When you buy today, you will get lifetime access to all the course videos and materials through our student portal.  Never feel rushed, and come back to the lessons as often as you need to — forever!

1-on-1 Help & Support

Email me any time to ask questions, get critiques, and help get past any struggles or frustrations you may encounter along the way! I’m here to make sure you get the most out of this course!

“I am Loving this course!!! I’ve always wanted to draw people, but I never thought I had the ‘talent.’ With this course, I realized I CAN do it. My latest sketch is the best drawing I’ve ever done! I’m thrilled!”

-Nicki B


If You Could…

Stop running around…

…hopping from one art resource to another and finally have everything you need to paint Lifelike Portraits in oils all in one place?

Safely avoid wasting a buttload of time & money…

…because you’ve finally found the right solution that puts the old way of learning to shame?

Actually gain the confidence to show off your work…

…instead of feeling embarrassed or ashamed that something isn’t quite right…?

Develop life-long skills...

…that no one can ever take away from you that actually get you the results that you want?

That is the opportunity in front of you today.

To finally achieve game-changing results with your portrait painting. To finally be confident in your ability to, with just a little time and practice, capture ANY face accurately — WITHOUT spending hours of frustration, wasting time and materials on portraits that just won’t turn out.

No more flat colors, no more lifeless paintings, no more piles of wasted canvases. You’ll be so proud of what you’ll be able to create!

Here’s What You’re Going to Get

24 Live Lessons with Rebecca

Twice per week Zoom lessons to introduce concepts, teach you what you need to know, and critique work so you always know exactly what to do to improve and move forward.

20+ Hours of Recorded Demos

To make sure you know exactly what to do each step of the way, I’m included hours of recorded demos to walk you through every assignment in the course. Follow along on your own to master these skills!

The Companion Digital Handbook

An in-depth handbook walking you through everything we’ll be learning and each assignment in the course, so you can refer back any time you need to, without searching through the videos.

1-on-1 Help & Support

I’m here to make sure you have everything you need along the way. Get in touch through the Facebook group, email, or messenger if you ever get stuck and need some extra help!

Lifetime Access

The entire course and all of our meetings will be recorded and added to your course area so that you never have to worry about forgetting anything — because you can go back and watch it all as many times as you like, forever! Your access will never expire.


Because this is the first time I’m offering this course, you’re getting a SPECIAL PRICE that will NEVER be offered again!

Need help or still have questions?

I’m happy to help! If you have any questions I haven’t answered here, or you just want to make sure this is the right fit for you, let’s chat!

Send me an email at [email protected] any time for a quick answer, or help with any issues.


Here’s what other students have to say about Rebecca’s courses:


“You are a wonderful teacher! I have had many, and all have something to share, but you see the mistakes and are there to explain how to make it better — not just ‘It looks ok, keep trying.’


Your classes reflect how you really are: honest, humble, and eager to help your students succeed. THANK YOU SO MUCH, REBECCA!!!”

– Rosina Reyes

Still have questions? Read our FAQ:

"How is this course delivered?"

“How is the course delivered?”

All the training materials are online through live Zoom calls and in video format. You will also receive downloadable PDFs and reference images to work from, all easily accessible in your student portal.

This way you can watch it on any device and have permanent access to it forever.

"I'm too busy to dedicate time to this right now..."

“This sounds great, but I’m busy, I don’t really have time to dedicate to this right now…”

This program is designed to be taken with me live, but I know people’s schedules are busy and not everyone will be able to attend every live. All the classes will be recorded and you’ll have lifetime access, so even if you miss something or fall behind, you’ll be able to learn and improve on your own schedule.

"What if I've never painted portraits before?"

“I have always painted still lifes in the past… I’m a little nervous about starting portraits. Will this course help me even though I’ve never painted people before?”

This course will absolutely help you, yes.

While previous experience drawing or painting is always helpful, I’ll be there to walk you through the process each step of the way. This course is about progress, not perfection, and will give you everything you need to be able to see progress not only during the course, but well after, as well!

"What happens if I miss a class or fall behind?"

“What if I can’t make it to every class?”

If you need to miss a class for some reason, that’s ok! Make up the work on your own time, or if you fall behind, just follow along with the video replays at your own pace.

And even if you are behind, you can always attend the live sessions to look ahead and get tips for what you’ll be doing next!