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“I’ve spent decades dreaming of drawing portraits, and now, I’m not only doing it, but doing it non-stop! Plus, my work has even begun to attract buyers!”

-Karen D.


Peek Inside A Monthly Tutorial


Tutorial Part 1

Rapid Learning Rep Warmups



I’ll share my special strategy to help you warm up and practice drawing your subject without the pressure of perfection so that you can actually enjoy the process and have fun!


Tutorial Part 2

Structure & Sketch



Here we’ll spend time exploring the structure and features of the face and mastering the principles of accurate placement and structure for our subject so we are confident and ready to start the next step.


Tutorial Part 3

Final Portrait



This is where it all comes together. We’ll slow down and apply what we learned in the warmups so we can capture the very essence of the subject, build it up through value and shading, and emphasize the little details that make our subject unique!.


When you join today you’ll get two bonuses, added to your order for free, designed to elevate your portrait drawing journey…



My Portrait Drawing Cheat-Sheets



You’ll get instant access to the worksheet PDF’s that accompany each part of the tutorials.


Each printable worksheet shows you my step-by-step process for starting with Rapid Learning Reps, Practicing the Structure of the Head, and Capturing a Likeness.



Quick-Capture Likeness Guide



You’ll learn how to capture an accurate likeness of your subject from the very first steps.


Don’t worry if you feel like you don’t know how to get proportions or head shapes right – this bonus will take care of that for you.


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There are no before and after’s because for most of my students, these are their first pencil portraits!


Each monthly tutorial is around 3 hours long.

And as long as you’re enrolled you’ll have access to all previous tutorials from the month you joined onwards. That means that you’ll always have to tutorials to go back and practice on!


People told Rose that she was crazy for taking an online class and learn, but now that they’ve seen her work they are all so impressed!



I provide everything you need to get started. I select each reference photo carefully to maximize the learning opportunity they provide. I also provide a list of the exact materials that I used to draw the portrait.


On the fence about whether or not this program is worth the investment?

Listen to some of my students from my other classes talk about the value they got out of taking my courses and how their investment in their training has helped not only themselves… but their family, their relationships, and their community. After listening to this video, you’ll realize you can’t afford NOT to join the Portrait of the Month Club


I also provide a list of the exact materials that I used to draw the portrait in every tutorial. I also provide links to basic pencil kits that you can purchase on Amazon in case you are missing any of the pencils that I used.


Karin thought she was crazy when she signed up for this class, because she thought she was terrible at drawing and painting – but now considers herself an artist!


Most of our students have never drawn portraits before and here’s what they’ve been able to accomplish after going through this program.

There are no before and after’s because for most of my students, these are their first portraits!

“I’m absolutely in love with this club!!! Before joining I hadn’t drawn in decades, in fact before my kids were born, now I’m drawing all the time and I love it! I feel like I’m a real artist!”

-Lisa M


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Here are even more testimonials from Rebecca’s current and past students:

Here’s What You’re Going to Get


Membership in the Pencil Portrait Of The Month Club

Where’ll you get access to over 3 hours of new training every single month delivered straight to your email inbox.

Bonus #1: My Portrait Drawing Cheat Sheets

You’ll get instant access to the worksheet PDF’s that accompany each part of the tutorials.

Bonus #2: Quick-Capture Likeness Guide

In this bonus mini-course you’ll learn how to capture an accurate likeness of your subject from the very first steps.

Bonus #3: 50% off Access To RTY Art Courses

As a member of the Pencil Portrait of the Month Club you’ll get access to 50% off offers on select RTY Art courses

“You are a wonderful teacher! I have had many, and all have something to share, but you see the mistakes and are there to explain how to make it better — not just ‘It looks ok, keep trying.’


Your classes reflect how you really are: honest, humble, and eager to help your students succeed. THANK YOU SO MUCH, REBECCA!!!”

– Rosina Reyes

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