Hi I’m Rebecca

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Learning to draw and paint portraits
has never been easier.

“Untitled” Portrait in Oils

Welcome to RTY Art Academy! I’m Rebecca Tillman-Young, a portrait artist living and working in Los Angeles. But more than that, I teach folks just like you to draw and paint lifelike portraits — quicker and more enjoyably than you ever thought possible!

I believe that drawing and painting portraits is such a rewarding and enjoyable skill (NOT a talent!), and anyone should have access to the training they need to feel happy and confident with their drawings!

With that in mind, I create courses designed to avoid all the most common mistakes that distract people from creating beautiful portraits, and focus on the important stuff!

You’ll be shocked to discover just how quickly you can become a skilled and confident portrait artist.

You can learn to draw lifelike portraits faster than you ever thought possible!

Portrait Drawing

3 Pillars for Successful Learning

The first pillar for successful learning is structure.

Learning anything new can be tricky. These days, we don’t suffer from a lack of information — in fact, we have the OPPOSITE problem!

There is SO MUCH INFORMATION out there, it can be difficult to sort through it all!

That’s why a clear, concise, and effective structure is so important to learning how to draw and paint portraits.

And that’s why it’s my mission to provide courses that give you just that!

The second pillar for learning is community.

Have you ever tried to learn something new ALL BY YOURSELF? (I have — it didn’t go well!)

It’s really hard to grow a skill in a vacuum. And that’s especially true for art! Artists need input from other artists. They need other eyes on their work!

If you want to improve your art skills, a strong community is essential! That’s why I created my super-exclusive community where all my students can benefit from a supportive artistic community!

The final and most important pillar for successful learning is support and critique.

Not only do you need structure and community to build a new skill, but you need someone who’s been where you are, who can come in and help you out when you’re stuck. To point out problem areas and help you recognize your successes!

You need a teacher.

I’m dedicated to being that teacher for you! I’m always here, making sure you’ve got everything you need to succeed.

I’m drawn to portraits because of the unique beauty in every face.

Rebecca in her happy place

[Rebecca in her happy place]

Short Biography

Rebecca began drawing at an early age. She continued her quest to become a skilled portrait artist throughout her life.

She graduated with a BFA in painting and began teaching online a few years later.

Today, she sells work, shows in galleries, and teaches others how to grow and improve their art skills!